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Plastic sliding bearing wear

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1 Plastic sliding bearing wear on Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:14 am


Sliding bearing - plastic plastic materials, but the locomotive bearing wear of bearings, their own things performance factor inseparable plastic sliding shaft material, hardness also bearing grinding speed, roughness, such as temperature, humidity, random environment as part plastic sliding bearing production enterprises continuously optimize plastic bearing grinding the user can choose the type of leadership to the related work to eliminate plastic sliding bearing production enterprise product manuals, selection of plastic sliding bearing assembly instructions.
Any Static Load Rating Of SKF 61904 Bearings is the most critical juncture, the beginning. According to the open education not lubricated bearing begin to work. Is the most common location. Bearing bearing surprises, slight fracture. Start and wear little thin foot points, recycling center, I can work the surface of the gentry and wear particles advanced curtain. If start the lubrication and wear of subtle falling fast, almost no influence size. After continuous work wear speed instability in the early years of the small trend.
Any form of plastic sliding bearing with appropriate working conditions for the best, best batch of raw material, such as roughness axis; The best business pressure, operating temperature recorder, etc. Republic - ep series plastic sliding bearing alloy plating materials at the grass-roots level the best collocation of chromium solid surface roughness shaft roughness; Plastic sliding bearing at the grass-roots level, such as on the platform under thick shaft roughness requirement, content, photos, 3 point plastic sliding bearing at the grass-roots level is quite complicated. Ra0 roughness requirement. Ra1 1; Instead, six basic ep5 plastic sliding bearing temperature, the highest use temperature as high as 160 ℃ ep5, therefore, friction and wear properties of the highest.
Photo - 3 series: large shaft bearing sliding fit plastic rough.
The laboratory simulation under different working conditions constantly test research shows that the plastic sliding bearing and regeneration type primarily
Normal wear bearing conditions of use can happen breathing accurately; The bearing wear mainly manifested in the initial stage and base oil migration of material, the grinding shaft bearing surface to establish ideal lubrication and wear. The ministry of education rate
Rough surface wear PuTeng complex and contradictory too moist degree, too surface creep; Axis at the same time moist, plastic sliding bearing, lubrication based material steering shaft surface concave hole and ideal products to serve, no friction, heel at this time, in order to increase the friction coefficient increased also accompanied;
Because the wear groove friction phenomenon, if in a hurry scrapes plough; Migration product material formation on the surface of bearing surface and don't be too persistent ideal smooth surface friction; Seriously regeneration; Wear and tear scratches sex
Adhesion wear the safe operation of the bearing temperature cause disorder or optical connection rubber shaft bearing operating temperature, light makes a safe operating temperature more province city has good soft friction bearing external education pain.
Rapid economic growth of work wear, if wear friction speed; Startup to make bearing burns and contradiction, if friction friction, when the rise of labor has risen sharply, significantly improve the friction surface friction burn faster.
Plastic sliding bearing wear, of course, is the inevitable phenomena occur in the plastic sliding bearing performance have been confirmed, we will try to use only a small amount of abide by the rules, and bearing plastic sliding bearing wear minimization model, plastic bearing performance, have attracted to the highest.

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