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The advantages of radial bearing cap is tight

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1 The advantages of radial bearing cap is tight on Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:59 am


Constant pressure through such preloaded springs, disc springs in YaoLing bearing preloaded. Preloaded spring rigidity and less rigid, constant pressure preloaded bearing in the use of the relative position will change, but the preloaded, but overall stability.

Positioning preloaded with constant pressure, prestressing force are as follows:
Preliminary positioning for SKF Bearings Max Speed preloaded quantity proportion, in the growth, strong rigidity and positioning results bearing preloaded, when the load change on bearing stiffness.
Of preloaded positioning, due to the shaft and pillow, axial length difference caused by temperature difference, and radial expansion caused by temperature difference and cause the change of displacement and load effect, make the preconcentration and constant pressure preload, the use of preloaded change can neglect.

Methods the top tight - stand taper hole bearing radial load example is lively short tube with the intermediary such as precision bearing nut bearing journal cone position, have inner ring expansion and radial negative game, more YaoLing for machine tool spindle and jet engines.

Axial pre-tightening methods can be divided into two locating preloaded and constant pressure preload. Preloaded installation can mediate YiJue bearing shell or gasket size accord with preloaded quantity; Can also measure or control YiJue start to set the friction torque; must conform to the preload Quantity can also directly use prior to preload guy double bearing pre-tightening target, usually, when a user does not need any mediation, short shaft, bearing preloaded DianMo usually use its relative position is not accurate, implement the change.

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