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Where the high rigid bearing applications

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1 Where the high rigid bearing applications on Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:45 am


A rigid shaft, book.
Book shaft rigidity principle, improve concentration way"
(1) choose high rigid bearing;
(2) the use of this technology to improve bearing rigidity;
(3) appropriate adjust structure parameters, increase hard book through the fuselage.
Second, the book strictly choose bearing.
Dozens of book selection bearing rigidity perspective
(1) higher than the many.
(2) large size bearings, bearing stiffness is very small, even if is relatively high, diameter less than in a rigid bearing will be more.
(3) is the ball bearing and roller enumerated many rhyme forget a lot of good bearing stiffness;
(4) to improve floating bearing until a hard adjustment
(5) is necessary, then will become a regional unique hand inside and outside and outside Seoul, thereby reducing wheel rotation and deformation increase particle physics.
Third, improve the axial rigidity application technology books.
Application technology improving shaft rigidity increase, affect the points below.
(1) the bearing surface and the breach of the shaft seat, into Seoul low surface roughness, form and position accuracy is better, in order to improve the book more and more strict.
This kind of surface treatment, surface beaten increase rigidity. High strength and low roughness, surplus contradiction will stick wet state, repeatedly light slow fire "and walked out of the nest, but also to improve the rigidity, when it is necessary to use the trunnion ring similar to handle credit card.
(2) the use of rigid ball bearings, tapered bearings bearing pre-tightening FaTiao improve transfer can take "take law as the center of a short cylinder bearing such as savings may be reprinted by people saving money can use the method to eliminate or greatly books rigid bearing, can my barber. Is uncertain, including high quantity of heat is moderate, rotating conditions should better results with negative floating state.
Other budget pressures, should pay attention to the load deformation stage become the game after increase to meet the strong; Nonlinear deformation of high oil prices and phase linear increase.
When the deformation of a linear relationship, the burden will increase the load range immediately stop order number strictly.
Since then, the Seoul central shaft rigidity and rigid and does not depend on the load and permanent relationship.
For example, to determine the deformation indicator wore a bearing and a proper place, game over, meeting in observed reading method. Tight load change
The gold very tired method will gradually deteriorate, such as bearing friction torque, and expands unceasingly, improve life hot, comprehensive consideration, choose ShiShiDe TaTa Peru, and take the corresponding budget, quantity, very tired.

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