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How to use the transmission bearing

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1 How to use the transmission bearing on Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:10 am


The gearbox bearing is used.
1, thoughts and exterior and clutch transmission connection size.
2, transfer hook can't seem to resettlement, suspension bearing tilt. Put to shame. May be I/o latency or 1 (i.e., more than 20 years).
Variable speed clutch SKF Bearings 3 no matter how to connect to use together, than size requirements.
Suggested use: ring inner hole and shaft 6 h/according to h7 hole pin ring r/do and hook shall, in accordance with the h7. Said the d ring street foreign cooperation; H7/8 h clutch shaft and hole export using seam 20 ~ 50 mm and cooperation.
Unit 4, drive shaft bearing positioning: three weeks in any area, central axis positioning GPS need to shaft.
5, movement direction, positioning the bearing inner ring plane positioning key. In the use of circular contact.
6, can withstand the transfer of transfer, but inadequate bearing external forces I burden.
7, the first is compared, compared to is. Compared to other methods are used to calculate, positive.
8, the total turnover (RPM), compared to 1, the interest is need effective (kw) + transmission clutch bearing type.
You work to corresponding selection model based on the transfer.
10, deceleration clutch transmission bearing type and date type.

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