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Bearing clearance cause of grease discoloration

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Become a big turnaround in silver vibration after dismantling bearing into the oil (ivory) before, to what kind of problems caused by? The color of the oil color, either into oil is how to change the normal? What changes the normal level. "Said:" this shows what bearing oil into place, milky white, near fernandez, what's the problem? Metamorphic as if the silver grey breathing divided into holes caused by the friction at the university, but this kind of phenomenon of SKF Bearing China outer ring stadium full moon. Why is this?
How was the embellish grease pang discoloration in Seoul? . Even if it is not, bearing in between. so
First of all, the Greek oxide as a problem. Greece is placed (or run) had more contact with oxygen, and metal (bearing) the catalyst on the oxidation reaction of spending. So in bearing calculation embellish grease sacrifice in the additional time interval of the problem. Now there are a lot of Greece's antioxidant additive. There are more. "" no, died.
Second, the temperature of the bearing running (bearing) and environment are changing one, and LiuRun out at the same time, I'm liu back to thicken disorders, is not completely gone home. This has the very big difference between the performance of the old oil, can't meet, so a return to the lubrication. The possibility of insufficient LiuRun grease color changes. In addition, the temperature is above are more likely become more important performance change, if change color. High temperature of carbon element. Color more.
Third, lubrication bearing running process into internal fat. Such impurities of impurities possibility is itself bearing shell, external. The possibility of solid liquid the nature of the impact of Greek is very strong.
On the other hand, you are divided into holes. Such reasoning is below the street. Breathing, work (surplus) tour of the small area expanded, fever, oil bearing his followers sex change to change color. In addition, you said, may be the right of bearing you whether there is a problem, cooperation within the second game, the frictional force is too small, the university is different, hundreds of miles apart. Say, did not take behind embrace cooperation. The worse a lot.
Then embellish grease slide style, determine whether normal. Other moist it's hard to judge different points inside the fat additives, different running conditions, to adapt to the different temperature range, there is no uniform standard. Also slide, but is likely to embellish grease supporting production date is different, a little different. The color change, please don't use, according to the poor.

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