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logiciel pirater pirater facebook blackshades hack cheat tool hero zero donuts

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Starter Website hacking software and Today we move on to talk about the most important and most popular programs penetration traded arranged by gravity, and I will explain one of them, is the most widely used program Bifrost - The program allows anyone to control the victim’s machine remotely as follows: 1 - display an image on the screen of a sudden the victim, or change the screen settings without user intervention 2 - open and close the driver’s door of the CD automatically, without user intervention · 3 - position the mouse cursor in a particular place so that the user can not move from this area · 4 the emergence of the movement of the mouse, without any interference from the owner of the device · 5 - Display a short message on the screen disappear and appear suddenly or remain pending always screen the user can not get rid of them · 6 - to spy on the user and see all it does · 7 - display the contents of the hard drive completely remote · 8 - download any file from a victim to a hacker · 9 - download any file from device to device breached the victim · 10 - control the altitude and low sound · 11 - delete any file from the hard disk time what he wants Penetrator · 12 - closing any window screen from the open windows of the victim 13 - change or delete the passwords to the victim and replace other words 14 - change your system settings to the device victim · logiciel pirater.

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