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Insulation bearing

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1 Insulation bearing on Sun May 04, 2014 3:09 am


    The so-called insulation bearing means to stop the current through the bearing itself is the floorboard of the insulation performance of the NSK 6900-ZZ Bearings Structure. Its insulation performance is often use a special process in the bearing outer ring and inner ring coated with a layer of insulation materials, or its use ceramic roller is made and be become.
    What circumstances use insulation bearing?
    Due to the motor in the process of manufacturing even very strictly control the production is difficult to completely avoid the armature and rotor magnetic asymmetry will this asymmetry between the stator voltage, it will produce after bearing current, especially more serious in ac motor, the current in the bearing raceway and rolling body surface corrosion pits, weld mark, electric erosion cut, color, wear and damage. Using the inverter and the technology of frequency conversion motor, of course, also can produce this kind of phenomenon. In order to block the current flows through the bearing, we have to cut off the circuit, so that the insulation bearing and insulation bearing chamber was born. Insulation bearing chamber is adopted in bearing interior hole and face a certain hardness of insulation material is made and be become.
    Its size is the same as conventional bearing, assembled interchangeable. Insulation resistance should be at least 500 VDC the measured value is greater than 100 M Ω. At least more than 50 M Ω 1000 VDC.
    Insulation bearing applications, mainly used in high power motor, railway locomotive traction motor, frequency conversion motor, generator, etc.
    Insulation bearing installation considerations:
    1 don't directly with a hammer percussion bearing surface when installing ;
    2. Don't use defective insulation bearing surface ;
    3 clean bearing housing and bearing, no adhesive conductive body ;
4 "choose the right shoulder, so as to avoid current flow from bearing side bearing out 5" on the bearing housing should be at least 0.5 MM deep slope 10 to 15 ° Angle of 6 "for dc motor, during resistance test, the shaft must be grounded.

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